Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stay with my child while he/she is being treated?

Yes – parents are permitted to accompany children in the dental operatory during treatment. We encourage parents to join their children for the initial visit to see the office and meet the full clinical team. At subsequent visits, older children and those who have been the dentist many times may prefer to come back alone and leave mom or dad in the waiting area. In these cases, we will ask you to come back at the conclusion of the appointment to talk to the dentist about the findings of the exam and any concerns.

In many cases, children will be more cooperative when they come back alone. This also allows our doctors and staff to really engage your child better one-on-one, building trust and rapport and having fun. This is the best part on our jobs and one that is sometimes more challenging with parents are at the chair-side. It is the same phenomenon you see when your child behaves perfectly for a baby sitter, but cries the second you come home.

Of course we will almost always need parent involvement for very young patients and those with special needs. What works well for many families is for parents to stay with children during check-ups, but have children come back alone for treatment, such as fillings, if needed. This ensures plenty of time for the doctor to talk with parents about findings at the exam, and allows us to work more quickly to complete treatment visits without distraction.

In these cases parents can always come “peak in” on their child, and our staff can ask you to come back if your help becomes needed. This being said, parents are never excluded from the treatment area if this is their preference. We do however ask that siblings or other children not being treated that day stay in the waiting area with a supervising adult.

What if my child does not cooperate? Can I stay with my child while he/she is being treated?

As pediatric dentists and parents of young children, Dr. Joe and Dr. Katie are both comfortable with crying toddlers!  We do not get upset when kids get upset, but we understand that some parents do. Depending on the child’s age and the procedures needed, we will decide with you the best way to proceed.

  • For little ones scheduled for a routine check-up, we may opt to do the exam only with your help and hold off on other procedures such as a cleaning until the child is older and better able to cooperate.
  • For older children, parents sometimes opt for a little tough love to help their kids cope with the situation and learn to behave more appropriately in a dental setting.

If treatment of decay is needed, we have many tools including Nitrous Oxide, movies, headphones, and a very skilled team of doctors and staff to help coach, coax and distract your child through the appointment. We understand that child behavior is unpredictable, but kids are teachable. Many kids behave amazingly well during dental treatment – often better than adults! We love to see an apprehensive child conquer their fear and learn to love going to the dentist!

If the above techniques are not adequate, sedation and general anesthesia are also available. Please go to our Sedation tab for more information.

MKPD Office Fees

D0120 Periodic Oral Evaluation $68
D0150  Comprehensive Oral Evaluation $117
D0220  Intraoral Periapical 1st Film $38
D0230  Intraoral Periapical Additional Film $32
D0240  Intraoral Occlusal Film $56
D0272  Bitewings 2 Films $61
D0330  Panoramic Film $152
D1120  Prophylaxis Child $88
D1206  Topical Fluoride Varnish $61
D1351  Sealant Per Tooth $70
D2391  Resin Composite 1 Surface Posterior $234
D2392  Resin Composite 2 Surface Posterior $304
D2930  Prefabricated Stainless Steel Crown $354
D7140  Extract Erupted Tooth/Root $227
D9230  Analgesia Inhalant Nitrous Oxide $58